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Material ConneXion has showrooms in Bangkok, Tokyo, Milan - and Skövde, Sweden.

Material ConneXion is one of the largest material libraries in the world, with 10,000 advanced, innovative and sustainable materials and manufacturing technologies. The library is a bridge between the technical know-how of industry and the cultural and creative industries.

The Materials Library started as an idea in New York, USA, to make it easy and accessible for the public to find and experience innovative materials or processing methods. A large searchable database and a library where visitors could see, touch and feel the materials was created. Libraries now exist in several world cities such as Bangkok, Tokyo, Milan, Bilbao, Daegu in Korea - and in Skövde!

- Material ConneXion often serves as a source of inspiration to think new and different for companies in the process of product development. By starting from the properties that are sought after, the possibilities open up to find completely new materials that you may not have previously thought of using, says Kjell Edqvist at IDC Sweden (Industrial Development Center).

The Skövde branch is run by IDC West Sweden AB and offers fantastic opportunities for those who work with any kind of product development. You can visit the premises in Skövde and use Material ConneXion as a source of inspiration to find new and sustainable solutions. There are theme shelves for 3D printing materials, recycled and upcycled materials, packaging, electronics and smart textiles. There are also lots of materials for sports and outdoors, interior design and construction.

Facts about Material ConneXion

  • Material ConneXion Skövde is physically located next to ASSAR and Balthazar Science Center at Kavelbrovägen 2B in Skövde.
  • Anyone with a license can book an appointment to explore the materials available at Material ConneXion Skövde. The most common visitor is a product developer, material or sustainability manager, an architect or a university student. 
  • The database can also be used to teach a number of academic and secondary school courses.

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