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Skövde conference for world leading experts in digitalization

On April 16, the University of Skövde organizes the conference Open source software in a changing world, which brings together world-leading experts in digitalization. The conference is aimed at practitioners and decision-makers in digitalization and aims to equip participants with tools and valuable knowledge to successfully navigate the future digital landscape.

Companies, municipalities, regions and larger authorities are currently facing major challenges related to the digitalization of society. Researchers in the project SUDO has spent four years studying different types of lock-in effects and developing effective strategies for engaging in open software projects using IT standards. The researchers are now organizing a conference for digitalization practitioners and policy makers to provide them with research-based tools and knowledge for informed decisions.

But the conference offers much more than just the latest research.
-"We will listen to four experts and have panel discussions. There will also be a competition and networking opportunities in the exhibition area," says Björn Lundell, Professor at the University of Skövde.

New insights for key decisions

The aim of the conference is to stimulate an in-depth discussion on current challenges. A unique opportunity for participants to deepen their knowledge and gain inspiration and valuable knowledge for their own organization's future strategic decisions.

"I hope that the participants will gain new insights and ideas that can contribute to more informed decision-making. In addition, I hope that the participants may be interested in future collaboration on issues of common interest, for example in the form of new research projects," says Björn Lundell.

The international experts attending the conference in Skövde:

  • Pamela Chestek is a lawyer who leads the Software Licensing Expert Group of the Open Source Initiative. She will talk about how AI and open software will affect future software development.
  • Jorge L. Contreras is one of the foremost experts on patents, technical standards and interoperability - how systems communicate and work together.
  • Mirko Boehman experienced entrepreneur and leader of Linux Foundation Europe, will discuss the impact of EU regulations on organizations.
  • Jos Poortvliet, co-founder of Nextcloud, will talk about their work with AI and their open cloud solution used globally.

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