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SPA at Billingehus complements the offer at Billingen in Skövde

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On May 10, it will be a little more pleasant to visit Billingen in Skövde. Hotell Billingehus will open its new spa with saunas, hot baths and rooms for exercise, yoga and relaxation. The idea is that the new Earth spa will be a place for body and mind, relaxation and movement.

- Earth spa combined with the beautiful nature of Mount Billingen and activities such as cycling, hiking and cross-country skiing will give guests a unique experience. It will be a complete spa experience on 2000 square meters and in 2025 additional rooms will be opened for outdoor spa experiences. "We believe in the human need to continue to meet and the need for recovery in the middle of everyday life," says Amanda Oskarsson, project manager and architect at Lotus Hotel Group.

A room with windows and yoga mats on the floor

The outdoor destination Billingen Skövde attracts visitors with an interest in outdoor activities from all over western Sweden. On 18 May, Billingen's new MTB trails will be inaugurated and the area is already a Vasalopps center. There are also ski and running trails, high-altitude climbing, hiking trails and Billingetrollets troll forest for children. Since 1970, Hotell Billingehus has been an important part of the outdoor destination and after extensive renovations, the new owners Lotus Hotel Group opened Hotell Billingehus in June 2023. A year later, it is now time to inaugurate the hotel's spa.

- We will soon have the great pleasure of opening the doors. There has been extensive work with new spatialities, new technology, new surfaces, colors and decor to create a completely unique place. Now we are approaching the goal - to invite you to a comfortable environment where the visitor is allowed to replenish with new energy from scratch," says Amanda.

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