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There is a place for business. Skövde.

Time after time leading companies choose to invest in Skövde and set up business here. That’s no coincidence.

As the hub of Skaraborg – Sweden’s fourth largest labour market region – Skövde holds a strong position as a growth environment for innovation. By investing in international arenas for education, research and development Skövde has taken a leading international role within production technology, IT and game development. This is evident from the number of growing companies, start-ups and new establishments. Did you know that several of the Nordic region’s biggest fintech companies can be found here in Skövde and that many successful game studios, with games topping global lists, have emerged here?

Skövde lies close to Sweden’s major markets and has good infrastructure, logistics and communications. You can travel to Skövde from Stockholm in two hours, and from Gothenburg in one. And there’s plenty of labour and talent here, including from the University of Skövde and several vocational upper secondary schools that supply companies with a steady stream of expertise and motivated students.

What about land and premises? Skövde is well placed to accommodate establishment of large-scale businesses, and Science Park Skövde is expanding and adding many more exciting, centrally located premises to its new, evolving district Skövde Science City.

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It’s no surprise that the number of newly launched companies in Skövde increases every year. After all, we have Skövde Science Park and a successful incubator that provides entrepreneurs with the right tools for success

Have an innovative IT/tech or game-related idea? Then why not apply to one of Science Park Skövde’s start-up programmes? They have professional business coaches who guides you through your challenges, ranging from formulating your business plan to assistance with funding. Almi Företagspartner, IDC West Sweden AB and Skaraborg Invest are all located in the science park and can assist with venture capitalist contacts, angel investors or applications to financial institutions.

For anyone with a newly established game development company, there’s Sweden Game Arena, a community of exciting companies such as Coffee Stain Studios, Stunlock Studios and Iron Gate Studio.

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Research and innovation can be found at every turn in Skövde. Our innovative environments and networks focusing on a variety of sectors bring together on a daily basis entrepreneurial individuals who love collaboration.

Science Park Skövde supports and develops leading companies within smart industry, fintech and game development. Sweden Game Arena is a community made up of both professional game developers and students from Sweden’s biggest game development programmes at the University of Skövde. And ASSAR Industrial Innovation Arena is a meeting place that focuses on new solutions for industry, through education, innovation and research. 

Skövde boasts a strong focus on future production technology, and companies specialising in vehicle electrification have set up here. Consequently, there are several relevant networks for those involved in industry. How about a robot network, with a focus on automation and technology, a CEO network or networks for virtual commissioning? There are also networks for developing enterprise and for strengthening local competitiveness.

Skövde is known for well-established collaborations between the public sector/society, the business sector and the academia, sharing a common vision – to keep and develop its position as a major centre for innovation in Sweden.


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Our focus on innovation has resulted in the emergence of a wide-ranging start-up culture here in Skövde. There’s a wealth of business ideas on tap, and the incubator at Science Park Skövde provides companies with support and opportunities to develop and scale up their operation.
world's best climate-neutral.

World’s best at climate neutral

Did you know that the Volvo Cars factory in Skövde is a fully climate-neutral manufacturing plant and that the Skövde site is one of just a handful of climate-neutral car factories throughout Europe? Go Skövde!

Go Skövde!



As many as 255 companies are launched in Skövde every year.



Is it possible for a newly launched game studio to make a profit of SEK 464 million in its first year? Yes, if you’re the founders of Iron Gate Studio and studied game development in Skövde.
Be inspired by the Skövde students who have taken the world by storm with their Viking-inspired online game Valheim.


Vikings and goats

Did you know that some of the top global games, such as Valheim and Goat Simulator, were produced in Skövde and have ranked top among Steam’s global bestsellers?
top-notch science

Top-notch networks

Skövde offers endless opportunities for building your network, developing and finding business opportunities. Science Park Skövde brings together companies within smart industry, game development and fintech. Sweden Game Arena is a community for game developers, while Donna Network is working to promote a more equal gaming industry. And there are, of course, a wide range of other networks focusing on a variety of fields.

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Innovation for kids

It’s never too early to become an innovator! At Balthazar Science Center in Skövde we focus on entrepreneurs of the future by offering all knowledge-hungry children and adults fascinating insights into science and technology.
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