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Creativity, collaboration and social community at Skövde Makerspace

The Skövde Makerspace inventors' association is buzzing with creativity and creative joy. The newly renovated premises at Mariesjö house various devices and tools that can turn ideas into reality. People of different ages and with different backgrounds and skills gather here to collaborate.

Makerspace is a global movement promoting the democratization of knowledge and innovation. It is about giving people the tools, both literally and figuratively, to realize their ideas and creative visions. For chairman Mathias Nilsson, who runs his own business and volunteers his time at Makerspace, the association is a place of community and collaboration where it's okay to spread out and make some noise.

- Here you can start projects and explore ideas together with others thanks to the availability of different tools and the fact that we have a great community where we support each other's processes," he says.

Four men standing in front of a tool bench in a workshop

Sharing their time and knowledge

At Skövde Makerspace there are opportunities for everyone. A furniture designer without IT experience can get help from a programmer to integrate technology into their furniture prototypes, a pensioner looking for community and meaning in their life can find it here and once again become an important knowledge resource for other people and in this way find meaning in life. There is a place for everyone who wants to contribute their time and learn something new. It is about sharing knowledge and experiences, while building and strengthening the community around you.

- An important aspect of the Makerspace concept is the circular economy: instead of buying new, you can repair and reuse what you already have and recycle materials for new purposes. Catching things before they end up in landfills and repairing them or giving them a whole new life in a different context. For example, we are now looking at using an old oak kitchen table to mill out a new round conversation table with, among other things, integrated wireless charging for mobile phones," says Mathias Nilsson.

A man standing and holding a game

Welcoming new members

For Mathias Nilsson, the vision is clear: to create a place where young people can learn from older people and where older people can feel valuable and needed.

- One dream is to bring those who sit at home involuntarily alone into the association and at the same time open the door to the younger generation who are thinking about starting a business. Imagine what a win-win it would be for everyone to meet! he says enthusiastically.

The association welcomes new members to its creative environment.
- Skövde Makerspace is more than just a place to create, it's a place to grow, learn and share. No matter your age or background, you are welcome, says Mathias Nilsson.

Paint cans standing on a shelf
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