Stäng denna sökruta.

There's a new player in town

New York or Skövde? Rebecca Rouse, researcher and lecturer in digital media from Georgia in the USA, chose Skövde. Her reason? New opportunities and open-minded people. Let’s connect!

Before making the move from New York, Rebecca travelled back and forth to Skövde to collaborate with fellow researchers on the University’s Game Development programme. There was something about the pace of life and the working climate in Skövde that got her thinking about a fresh start on the other side of the Atlantic. So when a new post cropped up at the University of Skövde, it was a pretty easy decision for Rebecca, her wife and their son: It was time for something new.

At their house outside Tidan they gather their energy to face the challenges of the day. Her wife is learning carpentry, their son is learning Swedish at a furious pace, while Rebecca herself is lecturing future game developers on aesthetics and digital media.

“We give the students a bigger toolbox by teaching the history of aesthetics and storytelling and linking these with contemporary concepts such as VR (virtual reality) and AG (augmented reality),” says Rebecca. 

But what does an American big-city researcher make of living and working in Skövde?

“Skövde is a beautiful city with a pleasant pace of life. The people are so open and friendly! The game development programme is fantastic with so many different fields of research working together. Skövde is a unique place thanks to the game development aspect, and the breathing space to be found here is valuable to me both personally and to progress with my research,” says Rebecca.

Opportunities abound in Skövde. You’re invited.

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