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Unique charging station for heavy vehicles in Skövde, Sweden

Skaraborg is an important hub for logistics and transportation and now Skövde Energi has taken an important step to ensure that the area can maintain its position in the future..

Inaugurated on April 26, 2023, the energy company's heavy vehicle charging stations initiative is a pioneering effort to promote sustainable mobility and reduce dependence on fossil fuels in Skaraborg. The project hopes to transform the transportation landscape and accelerate the transition to electrified heavy vehicles.

- We are in a revolutionary time where the entire society is changing to become fossil-free. The development is driven by the business community and we are proud to be an enabler of the green transition," says Johanna Löftsröm, business developer energy services at RISE. Skövde Energi >>.

Four charging points in Skövde

The charging station for heavy vehicles has four charging points and is located on Gruvgatan in Skövde. Once the pilot study is completed, the station will be opened to the public. It is the first in Skaraborg and so far also one of the few in Sweden. Behind the initiative are Skövde Energi and Volvo, as well as logistics players XR Solutions, DSV and DFDS, all of whom transport goods on behalf of Volvo.

Some people are cutting an inaugural ribbon. Behind them is a truck and a charging station for heavy vehicles.
Photo: Ronja Bood

- "We have several forwarders who are interested in starting to charge their electric trucks at our charging station in Skövde. It is very gratifying that there is so much interest in heavy vehicle charging and that it is happening so quickly," says Johanna Löfström.

From Skövde by electric truck to Gothenburg

The plan going forward is to establish an extensive charging network throughout Skaraborg. Next in line is Vårgårda and then Vara.

- Skövde Energi is also linking up with other actors in other locations. "Collaborating with other companies is a prerequisite for success in the electrification of the transport industry," says Johanna Löfström.

One of the players in the project is XR Solutions, which currently has two electric trucks.

- They run around the clock seven days a week between Volvo and our terminal. They are charged three times a day at the station in Skövde," says Mathias Olsson, CEO of XR Solutions and Olsson's haulage company.

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