Hannes has moved into Skövde Science City!

A completely new district is emerging in Mariesjö in Skövde. Where industries and business premises were previously located, a new area is now being built where housing, offices, a university, shops and various service functions will coexist. The Bostället residential area, which was ready for occupancy in the fall of 2023, includes two buildings with 71 apartments. Right from the start, there was great interest in the new homes, and one of those who moved in is 26-year-old software programmer Hannes Kindströmmer.
Made in Skövde is proud to once again jointly exhibit at this year's Elmia Subcontractor fair. This initiative, where a group of manufacturing companies from the Skövde region come together to exhibit as one unit, strengthens both the cooperation and increases their presence.
Skövde's gaming industry continues to show impressive growth with a noticeable increase in turnover and profits compared to the previous year. This is according to new statistics from Dataspelsbranschen. The 36 gaming companies in Skövde had a combined turnover of over 2.7 billion (1.8 billion in 2021) and made a profit of almost 1.3 billion (about 1 billion in 2021).
PlayLab in Skövde is a high-tech malleable stage space with opportunities to explore the space between games, game technology and performing arts where researchers, professional cultural workers and young people collaborate. Behind the initiative is the Culture Department in Skövde municipality and the University of Skövde. PlayLab is part of Kulturlabbet (Skövde's cultural center for young people) and was inaugurated in connection with the opening of Kulturlabbet in June 2022. There are similar institutions around the world, but none of them involve the public in the same way as PlayLab does.
Annika Taylor, 20 moved to Skövde as an international student in August this year. She is from Dubai and grew up in a small, conservative town with many traditional customs and values. She lived in Dubai for 17 years, until she moved to Tallinn during the pandemic in 2020 with her family to finish high school.

Science City Skövde

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Live, Work, Enjoy

A new city district is currently emerging in what is the very best location in Skövde – and it combines the best of several worlds. How about living in safe, green neighbourhoods adjacent to the city centre, the university and Skövde’s most creative companies and entrepreneurs? In Skövde Science City, homes will be mixed with business premises, meeting places and services to create a dynamic and vibrant city district.

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