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Spelundret in Skövde - the story of how an industry emerged

Over the past 20 years, Västra Götaland and Skövde have developed into Sweden's
leading location for game development. But this was not a foregone conclusion. At the beginning of
In the 2000s, the University of Skövde's profile area, IT education, had far too few applicants.
After much deliberation and long workshops, it was decided to merge several of the
knowledge that existed in the university to create a computer games course.

Twenty years ago, the University of Skövde started the first two education programs for computer game development. This was the starting point for the initiative that the municipality, the region, the business community and academia came to work for, and which became a contributing factor to the emergence of the Swedish game industry - Sweden Game Arena.

How did the gaming industry put Skövde on the gaming map? Here you can read about 20 years of game development in Skövde >>..

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