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Welcome to Skövde - 3 activities for new arrivals

Taking the plunge and moving to a new city is very exciting. It presents opportunities for new encounters, new places to explore, and experiences that challenge and enrich us as individuals. But it can also be an overwhelming experience.

To ease the transition after moving, Skövde municipality has arranged a couple of inspiring events specially designed to welcome newcomers. These events are perfect to take part in when you want to get to know the city, culture and meet new people.

Welcome evenings

Are you curious about Skövde and want to get to know the city? Then Skövde municipality's welcome evenings perfect for you. These events are created in collaboration between Skövde municipality and Studiefrämjandet and offer a unique insight into what Skövde has to offer. It is also a great opportunity to meet other newcomers.

The next welcome evenings are planned on November 28, 2023 and February 21, 2024. These evenings will take place at Skövde Stadsmuseum, Skövde Kulturfabrik, at 17-19. During these occasions you will have the chance to learn more about Skövde, enjoy coffee and end the evening with a guided tour of the Stadsmuseum.

Swedish Language Lunch

If you want to meet new people and improve your Swedish language skills in a relaxed environment, then the Swedish Language Lunch is perfect for you! This event is a collaboration between Skövde municipality and Science Park and is open to everyone, regardless of profession, age and language proficiency level. No pre-registration is required - you are welcome to just show up!

Swedish Language Lunch takes place in the Business Lounge, Science Park Skövde. There are two Wednesdays planned, on October 4 and November 15 at 12-13.

Skövde Career Program

Are you a professional in Skövde or the Skaraborg region and have recently moved here from another country? Or are you a master's student at the University of Skövde dreaming of building a successful career? Then Skövde's Career Program the perfect program for you!

The program includes seven sessions with external speakers who are experts in their respective fields. They will talk about Swedish corporate culture, the recruitment process and how LinkedIn can be used as an important tool in the job search.

The program runs from 14 September to 31 October 2023 and takes place at Skövde Kulturhus, which is conveniently located opposite Skövde Central Station. It will end in the prestigious Volvo GTO house. Participation in the Career Program is completely free, and there will be many opportunities to discuss and network with other participants who share the same ambition as you!

Louise Hallberg welcoming everyone
Louise Hallberg welcomes participants

Welcome to Skövde!

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