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Restart for the Billingehus hotel

New owners of Billingehus put Skövde and Billingen on the Swedish map

At last! New times await Skövde's landmark Billingehus. After a few years of dormancy, the new owners, Lotus Hotel Group, are now reviving the unique building that looks out over Skövde at the top of Billingen.

It takes a certain amount of courage and strong vision to take on a project the size of Billingehus - a building that most people in Skövde and many people in Skaraborg have a relationship with. So how did the new owners think and feel when they saw the building and decided to buy it?

- Billingehus is super nice and located in a nice place and we saw the originality of the building, there was something that tickled very much. We are used to looking at places with new eyes and with our other hotels we operate in locally strong and historical environments. We also felt that there is a great commitment on the mountain and that made us confident in daring to move forward," says Amanda Oskarsson from Lotus Hotel Group.

A staircase inside a hotel
Environmental view of a staircase inside Billingehus

Now the renovation and restoration of Billingehus awaits and in January 2023 the hotel will reopen for guests part by part.

- Hopefully people will recognize themselves a bit and at the same time be a bit surprised and uplifted. We will create new openings to connect the hotel with all the activities on Billingen. Renovations and extensions will strengthen the facility and create new opportunities. We want to put Billingehus on the Swedish map and at the same time be a place where Skövde residents and people from Skaraborg want to come in the middle of everyday life to relax, be active and get new inspiration," says Amanda.

A large bright room with large windows and many doors.
A new congress hall will be added to the existing building.

A well-known Skövde profile has been engaged in the renovation of Billingehus. Architect Gert Wingårdh, who grew up in Skövde, and his team will take Billingehus to new heights.

- We felt that Billingehus is a house like no other and that it is important to take it seriously. That's why it's extra fun to work with Gert who has a local commitment. Gert and his team want to reinforce Billingehus' basic idea and be careful with what already exists and is unique to the house," says Amanda Oskarsson.

The exterior of a hotel
Exterior vision of the new extension.
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