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Balthazar prepares young people with knowledge for the future

The future doesn't have to knock on the door of the Balthazar Science Center - it's already wide open. It prepares the future generation for the challenges and opportunities ahead. Dedicated educators who are passionate about their subjects in science and technology meet students of all ages here - from preschoolers and secondary school students to university students. On the same premises are Volvo's development department and the ASSAR innovation arena, which opens up for exciting meetings across age and competence boundaries.

Within 10 years, Skaraborg needs to add 30,000 new inhabitants and create 15,000 new jobs. New company establishments, such as Volvo's battery factory in Mariestad, require a workforce with the right skills and Balthazar plays an important role in this.

"We need to start awakening an interest in the new industry among students in Skaraborg right now. We don't talk so much anymore about technology and science being easy and fun, but about young people learning math, physics, and technology in order to have a developing occupation that benefits both themselves and Skaraborg in the future," says Magnus Elmshorn, CEO of Balthazar Science Center in Skövde.

As a young adult, moving from Skövde and Skaraborg for an exciting education and a cool job in the big city is no longer a matter of course.

"When you study at the University of Skövde, the proximity to industry is unique. One example is when computer game developers test their stuff on visitors at Balthazar," continues Magnus Elmshorn.

Children, young people and adults alike come to Balthazar. The little ones get to unleash their sense of discovery and enjoy the lights and flashes, the 12-year-olds think programming is cool, and for the adults the visit may sow the seeds of a new career choice.

"For schools, Balthazar is like an extra knowledge boost in the most important subjects. The educators support the teachers with their expertise and receive school classes and also visit schools. It is clear that the children are inspired when they ask whether it is school or show," concludes Magnus Elmshorn.

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