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Skövde is a great place to live

The people in Skövde love their city! You might wonder how can we be sure of that? Well, we know because a survey conducted in the fall of 2023 shows that 95 % responded that Skövde is an excellent place to live.

Now you might be curious about what the people in Skövde are so happy with?

''There is a lot going on here in the city, it is a city on the move. Skövde is breathing development with many people moving here and companies investing. A lot of new things are happening at Billingen. I like the wide range of restaurants, shops, flea markets and churches in the town,'' says Skövde resident Kristin Brohede.

Right on, Kristin! In fact, the survey shows that Skövde has a strong, vibrant sense of community and the local employment and education opportunities attract new talent. Community safety is also an area where the city scores particularly high. Skövde also scored higher than the national average in Sweden in areas such as libraries, cultural life and meeting places. And hold on, as many as 85 % are satisfied with how Skövde municipality manages its various activities. Well played, Skövde!

"I feel that the municipality is investing in developing schools and preschools here in Skövde. The adventure pool, the cultural center with the library and the many playgrounds are something my family and I appreciate very much. It is also easy to get around the city, and there is a lot to discover,'' says Dan Brohede.

Together we continue to create a city to love and grow in. Join the game!

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