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Several Skövde companies on the gaming giant's top lists

The leading distribution platform for computer games, Steam, has now compiled which games performed best in 2022. The lists include several games produced by Skövdebolag, which has delivered several successes in recent years.

- We have worked to build up a gaming industry for 20 years in Skövde and these investments and efforts are paying off with recurring gaming successes, says Kenneth Johansson, Vice President at Science Park Skövde.

The majority of the companies that top the lists have made similar journeys on their way to the top lists. The founders started as students at the University of Skövde's game development program and after their studies took the step to start their own game company through Science Park Skövde's startup program.

- The unique game development environment in Skövde has contributed greatly to our success. Without the help and support we have received from Science Park Skövde, we as a company would not have existed today. It is very fun to join other successful Skövde companies in the top lists, such as Iron Gate with Valheim and Redbeet Interactive with Raft, and is proof that Skövde has something unique, says Rickard Frisegård, CEO of Stunlock Studios, which is one of the companies that topped Steam's list of the year's best newly released games with V Rising.

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