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Science Park Skövde in major investment in the Swedish gaming industry

The Swedish games industry is on the rise. It is already on a par with the major export industries of iron ore, wood and trucks. More than 30,000 more game developers are needed by 2030. To develop the industry and remain at the global forefront, an extensive multi-million euro investment is now being initiated by stakeholders in Västra Götaland. At the forefront are Science Park Skövde and the computer game cluster Sweden Game Arena.

The initiative Level up will strengthen the gaming industry at both regional and national level. More than SEK 16.6 million will be invested in the first phase, with the Västra Götaland Region contributing SEK 7.5 million, Skövde Municipality SEK 6 million, Skövde University SEK 3 million, and Science Park Skövde and Lindholmen Science Park contributing a total of SEK 1.2 million plus employee time.

- By clearly focusing on the computer games industry and building on the strengths that exist in Västra Götaland, more companies can be started and developed sustainably. We also see opportunities for stronger synergies between the computer games industry and other technology-intensive industries in the region, such as the battery industry and the automotive industry," says Kristina Jonäng (C), Chair of the Regional Development Committee, Region Västra Götaland.

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Further funding is being discussed with Region Västra Götaland and national stakeholders, to be decided early next year. The aim is for the long-term project to develop the games industry to be worth SEK 27 million. It will be run by Science Park Skövde and its computer game cluster Sweden Game Arena.

Kenneth Johansson, Vice President at Science Park Skövde, has high goals for the new project.

- We have built up a unique ecosystem for the gaming industry in Västra Götaland, with Skövde as its headquarters, and the gaming successes follow one another. We now want to refine, further develop and take this out nationally to strengthen the Swedish gaming industry's global position and continued growth. We have the ability to lead this development forward," says Kenneth Johansson.

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Kenneth Johansson, Vice President Science Park Skövde

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Rickard Frisegård, CEO, Stunlock Studios

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Kristina Jonäng, Chair of the Regional Development Committee

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