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Rural high-tech in Timmersdala

Is it possible to run a successful company with high-tech activities in a rural location? “Of course,” says Sam Svännel, Managing Director of Elos Medtech in Timmersdala

Almost 100 years ago three creative individuals set up an all-round business focusing on wood products in Timmersdala. Do you think they sensed that what they set in motion would progress to the next level and become a company with operations on three continents a century later?

If they had been able to look into a crystal ball, they would have seen that Elos Medtech today is playing in the big leagues when it comes to supplying dental and medical care services with high-quality devices for diagnostics, aids and implants – vital elements for human health. The very first dental implants were manufactured here, and the company’s business areas now include dental, orthopaedics and life sciences (diagnostics and advanced medical equipment, such as hearing implants).

Sam Svännel is the CEO of the factory in Timmersdala

Explore and move forward

The fleet of machinery at the factory in Timmersdala is in operation around the clock – with skilled CNC operators from across Skaraborg working to produce the in-demand products that the company makes for its customers. Experienced members of the workforce serve as mentors to new colleagues, which creates a good atmosphere in the workplace. Well played, Elos!

Sam Svännel is Managing Director of the factory in Timmersdala. Every week he connects up with the outside world and checks in with colleagues in the USA and China. The sense of pride in maintaining their rural location is evident.

“We are showing that a company that starts up in Skaraborg can go a very long way. Competition is fiercer in the bigger cities. Here things are more open and business owners help one another out without any sense of ego,” says Sam.

Time for a new level

Tomorrow's technology is already here for Elos Medtech. They are one of the new key suppliers for robotic surgery, a technology being developed internationally right now. Operations at the factory in the USA have doubled, just like in Skara, where an extension has recently been completed. The factory in Timmersdala has freed up space to make it possible to expand even more and continues to be a strong player on the world stage for vital medical tools.

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