Stäng denna sökruta.

Experience world-class sport in Skövde.

Throughout the year, Skövde is an arena for several major sporting events at international level. There are also several large cups and races that attract many participants and spectators. Here we list the biggest sporting events in Skövde. Enjoy!

Sporting events this summer

World Enduro Championship

On June 1-3, the world elite in enduro will once again come to Skövde to fight for the World Championship title in EnduroGP. The races are run on Billingen, Klagstorps gård and Kråkeberget and the organizing association FMCK Skövde welcomes the public who want to come and watch the races. Read more >>

Skadevi cup football
In late June/early July each year, over 300 registered teams come to the Skadevi Cup to play football. The cup is aimed at girls and boys aged 12-17 years and this year will be played on June 30 - July 2 at Lillegården and Karstorp's leisure area. Read more about Skadevi cup football here >>

Golf competition SM match

The golf competition SM-match has been played every year since 1904 on some of Sweden's best golf courses and is the golf competition where some of the absolute best Swedish players of all time have been victorious. On June 12-14, it is the turn of Skövde and Skövde Golf Club where 64 men and 32 women will compete for the coveted trophies. Read more >>

Recent sporting events

European Dance Championships
In May, Arena Skövde was filled with dancers when the Swedish Dance Championships were once again organized by Candanza DF. Swedish champions in bugg, double bugg, boogie woogie, rock´n roll and lindy were crowned during two intense and joyful days on May 19-20. The fast-paced competition will return to Skövde in 2024.

A real challenge on MTB that is run on and around Billingen in early May. The Billingen race usually has between 800-1000 starters in different distances and classes with a mass start from central Skövde. Read more >>

Skövde Basketcup
The Basketball Cup with around 150 registered teams for girls and boys aged 12-18 is usually held in May each year. More info about Skövde Basketball Cup >>

Other sporting events during the year

Skadevi cup handball
The Handball Cup for girls and boys aged 10-16 usually has around 350 registered teams and is held in November each year. Read more >>

Billingen's long race
The 42-kilometer long race on snow with about 800 starters is held in early February every year on the mountain Billingen. The race is also the seeding basis for the Vasaloppet. Read more >>

Welcome to experience a wide range of joyful, unifying and developing sports events throughout the year. Well played, the sports city of Skövde!

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