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Drivhuset Skaraborg cultivates the talents of the future

Drivhuset Skaraborg >> is a dynamic platform that uses entrepreneurial tools, approaches and methods to develop individuals to understand at a deeper level how an idea becomes action. All with a perspective on societal benefit and sustainable development. Here, students are involved in real processes that benefit society. At the same time, they gain an insight into development processes that they can use in their professional lives.

Mental toolboxes

The objectives are clear and ambitious. It is about giving students the understanding and inspiration they need to turn ideas into action, whether through their own businesses or as employees.

- By engaging students in societal challenges and at the same time giving them a mental toolbox for how to sustainably develop an idea, benefits are created in society on several different levels. One effect, of course, is that new companies are started even if that is not the main goal," says Kajsa Q Phalén, operations manager at Drivhuset in Skaraborg.

A woman is standing in front of a bench where the text "Greenhouse" is visible.

The Greenhouse creates opportunities for students to participate in events such as Innovation race and Hackathonswhich are based on a real-life problem or need, often locally based. During intensive hours, theoretical knowledge is translated into practical solutions. One example is when students created an innovative communication solution for one of the Götenebostäder new construction projects >>, which provided not only new ideas but also materials to improve the company's operations.

- At the Greenhouse, we want to cultivate talent with innovation, drive and an understanding for
sustainable entrepreneurship. In a world of rapid change, we need people with the ability to
vision, willingness and ability to take on society's challenges and who can become the future
leaders. The Greenhouse is aimed at academic and vocational students,
and we don't just increase knowledge theoretically about entrepreneurial skills, we do it practically as well," says Kajsa Q Phalén.

Facts: Greenhouse tools

Student Resource Center: Here, theory becomes reality as students become consultants and work
with real assignments while receiving coaching from Drivhuset. This also creates local benefits for companies and organizations.

Student Grow Business: the students' own ideas are supported by free coaching, and
brings them together with the right contacts to grow their business concepts.

Student Goes Sustainable: Students trained to be aware of and understand sustainability
and apply these principles in their future careers.

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