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Game developer Dennis joins the game in Skövde

University of Skövde attracts many new international students every year. In August 2022, Dennis Mbuthia moved from Nairobi, Kenya, to Skövde to study the 2-year Serious Games Master's program.

After eight years of teaching animation and game development in Nairobi, Dennis followed his passion for games and applied to the program in Skövde and was accepted.

The move brought new insights and involvement

Relocating to a new city, especially one in a different country, often entails adapting to a new environment, exploring a new culture and a new language often open doors to valuable insights. Dennis says that the University in Skövde has done a really good job taking care of its new international students.

- When I arrived as a student, all new international students had an entire week dedicated to orientation. During that week, we had the chance to participate in events and meet new friends, classmates and instructors.

Dennis believes that active involvement is key when adapting to a new city.

- I work part-time at the international office as an assistant, aiding new students in their transition to university life. I conduct guided tours at the school where I talk about Skövde and Swedish culture.

Games industry in Skövde

Dennis’ contributions extend beyond the university through his involvement in the games industry in Skövde. He has been involved in organizing events like the Sweden Game Conference and played a crucial role in the Global Game Jam. Sweden Game Conference and also played an important role in the Global Game Jam.

- Last year, I worked at Sweden Game Conference as an administrator. It was a great experience because I got to network and meet so many game developers. During the Global Game Jam, my role was site organizer and MC to ran the program. It was a really cool experience!

In the fall of 2023, Dennis participated in the Skövde Career program which is a program that equips participants with the tools and knowledge needed to navigate the Swedish job market and culture.

- Getting to meet other people in the same situation as myself was very inspiring. One of my favorite sessions was Business Culture & Intercultural Competence with Christina Rundcrantz. Understanding the differences in culture, the importance of soft skills and how different simple phrases can mean so many different things.

Life in Skövde

Skövde is a great city to live in because of the proximity to different places.

- Most places are within walking distance, and it’s easy to commute by bus. One thing that makes Skövde stand out to me is the proximity between the game companies, and how easy it is to meet and interact with other game developers. There is also a unique support system facilitated by the science park, the University of Skövde and municipal initiatives, which I think is making Skövde an inspiring place to live.

Dennis at University of Skövde

Dennis finishes with school in June and hopes to find a job in the games industry.

- I would like to find a job in Skövde and stay here, but wherever the opportunity comes, I will go.

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