From barn to part of a Norwegian fintech group

It started with five friends building websites in a barn in Götene. Now The Farm is part of the Norwegian fintech group Stacc and new opportunities have opened up for the company. Digital payment services are present in our everyday lives and make our lives easier in many ways, but despite this, the fintech industry is a bit of a doldrums, at least compared to the well-known gaming industry, which many people associate Skövde with. But the fact is that it was fintech that was part of the start of the development of the tech industry in Skövde. Today, there are several companies in the city that have customers all over the world.
Throughout the year, Skövde is an arena for several major sporting events at international level. There are also several large cups and races that attract many participants and spectators. Here we list the biggest sporting events in Skövde. Enjoy!
17th move in a row? Michelle hoped to meet new friends at the premiere of "Language Lunch for Skövde's International Talents". Michelle has recently moved to Skövde. She and her husband are originally from Los Angeles, USA but most recently from Germany where they lived for a few years. They have moved 16 times in 20 years because of her husband's job in the computer games industry. Now she hopes they will settle in Skövde with their two-year-old son.
Never before have avatars from very different games stood side by side on a game cover for one location. But now it's happening in Skövde. Because as the place grows and wants to attract more establishments and talents in computer games, smart industry and IT with a focus on fintech, many people are joining forces. Together they are launching Skövde as a game and a playground full of opportunities, especially through Science Park Skövde's innovation arenas. Science Park Skövde and Skövde Municipality are behind the campaign.

Science City Skövde

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Live, Work, Enjoy

A new city district is currently emerging in what is the very best location in Skövde – and it combines the best of several worlds. How about living in safe, green neighbourhoods adjacent to the city centre, the university and Skövde’s most creative companies and entrepreneurs? In Skövde Science City, homes will be mixed with business premises, meeting places and services to create a dynamic and vibrant city district.

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